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SeeO2 Energy Award Winning TechnologyFuels and Chemicals From CO2Power To Gas

Have you ever wondered how we turn greenhouse gas (GHG) into assets?

Quick Info


Our technology is an electrosystem that operates in 2 modes.

Reversible SOFC

Highly efficient energy conversion and storage devices.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Global CO2 emissions grew by 1.4 % in 2017, reaching 32.5 gigatonnes (Gt) a historic high.


In 2017, renewables saw the highest growth rate of any energy source, reaching 25% of global energy demand growth in 2017.

Welcome To SeeO2 Energy

SeeO2 Energy Inc. is a company focused on efficiently converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into marketable and clean value-added fuels and chemicals using reversible fuel-cell technology.

Company Introduction

Meet Our Team

Paul Addo, PhD

Co-Founder & President/CEO

Beatriz Molero Sanchez, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO



SeeO2 Energy helps you turn GHG emissions into assets. Our electrolyzers can efficiently generate gases on-site such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide or oxygen in a reliable way.

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