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Our CTO selected to present at one of the world’s premier events for cleantech

SeeO2 Energy Selected to Present at the 2019 Industry Growth Forum

One of 30 cleantech startups selected globally, SeeO2 Energy will present to potential investors and other cleantech industry stakeholder.

Calgary, Canada — (March 5, 2019) — SeeO2 Energy is pleased to announce that its CTO Dr. Beatriz Molero was invited to present SeeO2 Energy to a panel of investors and industry representatives at the 2019 Industry Growth Forum (IGF), May 9-10, in Denver, Colorado.

The IGF, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, is one of the world’s premier events for cleantech entrepreneurs and other industry experts. SeeO2 Energy was selected from a field of more than 150 entrepreneurs following an extensive selection process.

SeeO2 Energy’s platform technology is an economically viable solution to CO2 electrochemical conversion in the market place. It converts waste CO2 into marketable and clean value-added fuels and chemicals. Our technology, which is built on solid oxide electrolysis cells and a proprietary high-performance low-cost electrocatalyst material, can selectively co-electrolyze water and CO2 to produce pure oxygen and syngas (a mixture of CO and H2) that can subsequently be converted to methanol, ammonia, substitute natural gas or synthetic liquid fuels

“We are humbled and proud to present our company at such an important event” said Dr. Beatriz Molero, co-founder and CTO of SeeO2 Energy. “This is a unique event for the cleantech sector and we are excited to be there. We will gladly be taking any meetings and conversations while we are in Denver, come and talk to us!”

More than 500 cleantech investors, entrepreneurs, and industry representatives are expected to attend this year’s IGF in Denver. Among them will be 30 of the nation’s most promising start-up companies, including SeeO2 Energy, that will be presenting their cleantech innovations to potential investors and industry experts. In addition, the companies will compete for the 2019 Clean Energy Venture Awards.

“We are excited to see what cutting edge technologies the IGF presenters have in store for us this year,” said Richard Adams, director of NREL’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center that manages the IGF. “We’ve been hosting the Industry Growth Forum for more than 20 years, and the technologies just keep getting more compelling. We’re addressing real market needs.”

For more information and a complete list of IGF presenting companies, please visit

SeeO2’s vision is to mitigate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while simultaneously storing excess electricity in the form of fuels and chemicals for later use. SeeO2 Energy – Fuels and Chemicals from CO2.

Further information about the Company is available on our website at

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Beatriz Molero (Co-founder & CTO):

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