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Dr. Beatriz Molero Sanchez is the co-founder, CTO& director of SeeO2 Energy Inc., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. She received her BSc and MSc in Fundamental Chemistry from Universidad Complutensede Madrid (Madrid, Spain), where she specialized in solid-state chemistry,specifically in new synthetic routes for advanced materialsfor energy applications. Dr. Molero moved to Calgary in 2011 when she received a prestigious award (Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program,TASSEP) to continue her research in North America. In 2012,she accepted a position as a PhD candidatein the Birss groupat the University of Calgary, where she spent 5 years as a teaching and research assistant. While working on her doctorate degree, she was featured as a lead teaching assistant in 2015 and she received several prestigious awards. Some of her selected achievements include the Skinner Prize for the best Student Presentation by the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) in 2015, the Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) Doctoral Scholarship,and the Eyes High International Doctoral Scholarship. She also received a Professional Development grant to travel to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston to work on a collaborative project in 2016.Dr. Molero has presented atover 30 international conferences, meetings and workshops. She has published 10peer-reviewed scientific journals and her researchhas led to 3 patents.Dr. Molero has been involved in several boards and committees over the years, withsome examples beingthe VP (2015) and President (2016-2018) of the Electrochemical Society Calgary Student Chapterwhere she organized majorevents and invited prestigious scientistsfrom around the world to share their knowledge with the young scientistsin Calgary. Dr. Molero’s dissertation work was entitledDevelopment of Oxygen Electrodes for Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. She received her doctorate in Physical Chemistry May 2017 and was featured inthe Utoday Class of 2017 special

Dr. Molero has always been a strong advocate forWomen in Science and Science through outreach events where she has volunteered for manyyears. Recently,she was one of12femalespeakers selected to speakin Calgary atSoapbox Science 2018, an internationalpublic outreach platform for promoting women scientists.Dr. Molero also advocates for women through coaching a women’s program at Canada Olympic park to empower women who want to build confidence on skis to teach or keep up with their children.

In 2017, Dr. Moleroaccepted a Mitacs/ATCO Elevate Postdoctoral award to work on the scale-up and commercialization of the proprietary electrocatalystsand devices that she had developed, together with Drs. Addo and Birss, at UofC. Drs. Molero, Addo and Birssthenco-founded SeeO2 Energy 2018,where she has beenon the Board of Directors and has served as theCTO& Senior Research Scientistfor the last few months. Despite her short career as an entrepreneur,she isalready part of the Canadian Women’s Network (CWN) and was selected to participate in the Launch Week Eventin San Francisco in June 2018, along with other 14 female founders of start-ups in North America, and was alsofeatured on their website.

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