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Research Scientist

Alex started his journey in chemistry in his hometown of Ottawa. He completed his BSc in Chemistry with a concentration in nanotechnology at Carleton University. He then made the trek out west to the University of Alberta where he joined the Mar group. During his stay, he completed his MSc and published research in the fields of solid-state chemistry and machine learning. Alternative energy and sustainability always colored his research interests which resulted in him being a part of different programs and initiatives in Alberta. He joined the ATUMS group and did a collaborative research exchange in Germany. Throughout the program, he gained an international view of research and collaboration. During his time in Germany, he also took part in ABBY-NET’s summer school which is an Albertan-Bavarian research network for sustainable energy transitions. He was a part of an interdisciplinary team focused on natural resource management and energy systems under changing environmental conditions and helped develop interdisciplinary research proposals. He also contributed to the Future Energy Systems initiative in Alberta through the development of outreach materials and participating in research symposia. After his stay at the Mar group, he continued his education at Concordia University earning a full-stack web development diploma. Where he learned how to translate ideas into web applications.

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