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Vidyanshu Mishra

Research Scientist

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta. I work in the Solid State and Inorganic Chemistry…

Haris Ansari

Sr. Research Engineer

Haris is a materials scientist and electrochemist with extensive research and development experience in synthesis and characterization of materials ranging…

Kevin McGuinness

Research Scientist

Kevin graduated from Dalhousie University in 2021 with a BSc in Chemistry, minors in Computer Science and Mathematics, and a…

Khaled Al-Hamed

Mechanical & System Engineer

Khaled Al-Hamed recently completed his PhD in Mechanical engineering at Ontario Tech University. He has extensive experience with modeling fuel…

Mykhailo Pidburtnyi

Research Scientist

For over 4 years, Mr. Pidburtnyi has been working on sustainable chemicals production and power generation via solid-state electrochemical systems.…

Alexander Gzyl

Research Scientist

Alex started his journey in chemistry in his hometown of Ottawa. He completed his BSc in Chemistry with a concentration…

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